Client Reviews

"Nearly every online business in the world needs a California intellectual property rights lawyer at some point in its growth. Fortunately, Robin Gross is ours."
- William

"Amazing attorney that goes above and beyond the call of duty to get the job done right - on time and under budget."
- A.C.

"I appreciated the personal attention and ready availability of Ms. Gross to answer my questions and provide a legal roadmap for achieving my artistic goals. I'm grateful to my friend who referred Ms. Gross to me."
- Madeline

"Rare to find an attorney that provides as much attention to detail as Robin D. Gross."
- Saul

"Imagine Law provided top-notch legal services for my Internet business at very reasonable rates."
- W.H.

"Ms. Gross helped me to understand my options for establishing an online business and she walked me through the pros and cons of each possibility."
- John

"Robin Gross explained my company's risk for legal liability from providing services to other websites accused of copyright or trademark infringement and she showed us how to mitigate that potential risk."
- Daniel

"We didn't know how to respond to the growing number of DMCA Take-Down Notices coming into our office until Robin agreed to represent our company and handle such infringement notices."
- K.C.

"Initially, our company wasn't sure if certain technology in development would be considered lawful under the encryption regulations in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Thanks to the expertise of Robin Gross, we now know the design of our technology is in compliance with the law."
- H.R.

"Our company's trademark portfolio was becoming too numerous for us to manage effectively in-house, so we hired Imagine Law to manage the growing trademark portfolio for us. Now we don't have to sweat the various registrations, searches, legal filings, licenses, and other details, and can focus our resources on building our business' core products and services."
- Mark

"Smart, friendly, experienced legal services"
- Sophia

"Thankfully, Robin Gross advised our Internet start-up at the outset on how to design the technology so as to be in compliance with CDA 230 and therefore immune from legal liability for the online actions of others."
- Justin

"Result-oriented law firm."
- Mary

"Robin Gross successfully protected my company's IP when it was being sold on counterfeit websites all over the world."
- M.S.

"Ms. Gross intervened and helped me to receive my past due copyright royalty checks after the publisher of the book I authored stopped paying my royalties."
- Michael

"Ms. Gross helped our company to protect its critical trade secrets from the very beginning of the technology's development."
- J.P.